Betting Pro Lays
Betting Pro Lays

What do you get from Betting Pro Lays...

Here at Betting Pro Lays we look to provide our subscribers with profitable, low liability lays on horse racing throughout the year.

Our lays have a maximum liability of 5.0 and we look to grow our bank at a steady, consistent rate... and best of all... if we make no profit, you receive a full refund on that weeks subscription!

This really is a simple, effective service that anyone can join and profit from... no hassle and no complicated rules to follow... just receive the tips and place the lay bets if they fall at the maximum liability of 5.0 or under at BSP (lays placed as close to the off as possible).

The cost of the service is £6.99 per week and, as stated above, if you don't make profit during that period following our selections, we will refund your subscription.
This means we only get paid if your getting positive results and making profit from our selections.

To contact us for more information please drop us a note on and we will respond within 24 hours where possible...

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NOW introduced WEEKLY, MONTHLY and FULL YEAR subscriptions!

All prices are shown in US dollars when signing up due to using Paydotcom to track sales, any issues please contact me on and I will be happy to help.

Weekly subscription - £6.99

Monthly subscription - £24.99 (Better value)

Annual subscription - £249.99 (BEST VALUE) 

The ultimate in betting advisory!